WINGS Group Vacancies May 2012 for Jakarta Area Group Vacancies May 2012 for Jakarta Area
WINGS Group or WINGS Corporation was founded in 1948 in Surabaya, Indonesia. Over the last fifty being this company has developed from a small home industry into a market chief employing thousand of people with factories intentionally located in Jakarta and Surabaya.

The goal at WINGS Corporation is producing global feature harvest at economical prices. Our at the initiation production ongoing with the manufacturing of handmade conservational laundry soap. With this product we were able to successfully infiltrate competitive market in the late 1940’s. Soon with, we introduced a total new product – cream detergent. Life one of the pioneers of this new product, we are proud to say that this day cream detergent is soothe the most standard type of multi-purpose washing aid in Indonesia.

More developments promptly took house which led to the birth of our second factory,
PT Sayap Mas Utama, in Jakarta. These conveniences produce toilet soaps, powder and bar detergents, floorcleaners, fabric softeners, and sanitary napkins for all of Indonesia and additional than. A third gift, PT Lionindo Jaya, was customary in Jakarta collectively with Lion Corporation of Japan to produce brands such as Emeron, Page One, Ciptadent, and Mama. Their harvest contain clean, shower gel, skincare harvest, toothpaste, and dishwashing liquid. With five being, these brands have succeeded in capturing a noteworthy marketshare in Indonesia.

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