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PT AskesPT Askes (Persero) is a disorder-owned enterprise engaged in the field of shape indemnity that will be transformed to be BPJS Kesehatan in 2014, now PT Askes (Persero) demand candidates who hard-in, tough and keen to work hard as a team work, to fill the spot of Flat-Term Exployee in anticipation of December 31, 2013:

Verifikator (Code: VERIF)


  • Qualification 3 in Health check Minutes, Release top in Pharmacy, Pharmacist (Apoteker), Nursing, Midwifery, or Public Shape.
  • Place your concentration ID in red folder.

Personnel Teknologi Informasi (Code: TSI)


  • Qualification 3 in In rank Technology, Release top in Informatics Engineering, or Computer Logic.
  • Place your concentration ID in dark-blue folder.

Personnel Administrasi (Code: ADM)


  • Qualification 3 / Release top in any foremost.
  • Place your concentration ID in golden-haired folder.

All-purpose Equipment

  • Male / female, most age 25 being ancient for Qualification 3 and 27 being ancient for Release.
  • Smallest GPA 2.75 for disorder academy / academe graduates and 3.00 for confidential academy / academe graduates.
  • Graduated from academy / academe with authoritative approval notch A.
  • Computer literate (Microsoft Personnel).
  • Arresting advent, energic and gregarious.
  • Smallest height 155 cms for female and 160 cms for male; with ideal consequence.

Essential ID

  • Concentration epistle / take in epistle.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Copy of newest education certificate, officially recognized by academe / academy.
  • Officially recognized copy of education transcript.
  • Copy of ID card (KTP).
  • 2 sheets 4×6 size contemporary colour photograph with blue social class.
  • Copy of refference epistle from previous employer (if any).

Must you attracted please surrender your complete concentration frankly (diantar langsung) to take up not more than, not before long than April 11, 2013 on 4.30 PM WIB. Enter the spot code on left-top corner of your envelope.

Take up

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