PT Patra SK – Recruitment Untuk Operator, Engineer (D3, S1, Fresh Graduate) Bulan Mei 2013

lowongan kerja patra sk 2013 – Excellent sundown all of you, this sundown we want to tell you over again that job in rank came from one of the companies engaged in oil and equipment , and a a quick on the rise company in Indonesia engaged in the field of Lube Base Oil Dispensation (Oil Raw Equipment), that is PT Patra SK.Previously wretched but we often late as long as job in rank, but we try to grant the best to you. The later company profile for this company.PT Patra SK has been in commission in view of the fact that 2008 to run Group III Lube Base Oil Processing plant in Dumai Riau. The Company is a establishment venture company between PT Pertamina (Persero) Cq PT Pertamina Patra Niaga with SK Lubricants (SK Energy Asia), is a reputable oil and gas company from South Korea.Based on PT Pertamina Patra Niaga news crash in December 2012, PT Patra SK reported total number of Lube Base Oil Sow Group III with premium feature harvest has reached 10 million barrels, Diesel reached 284,000 barrels and Naphta reached 151,000 barrels.

For persons of you who are attracted in the job privileged than and competent in accordance with job equipment privileged than,please complete your resume with certified or governmental allusion, relevant certificates, contemporary photograph, and contemporary touchtone phone/contcat digit, then place your appliead spot with the code on the send by e-mail theme and send to the take up not more than  : For authoritative in rank on registration procedures and additional procedures you can see owing to the authoritative website of Universitas 
Dying Date 31 May 2013.Only candidates with the apt qualifications and equipment will be processed for the next choice.Please be attentive of recruitment scam. PT Patra SK will not payment the applicant with any fees in this recruitment program.

Original source : PT Patra SK – Recruitment Untuk Operator, Engineer (D3, S1, Fresh Graduate) Bulan Mei 2013