Lowongan Migas di PT Petrosea Tbk, exp. Agustus 2012

PT Petrosea Tbk has been crafty, construction and mining in all corners of Indonesia in view of the fact that 1972 and now is recognized as one of Indonesias leading mining, engineering, and construction contractors with global standard capabilities. Due to our hasty advance at bestow, we are now compelling applicants for not more than spot:


Lead, mend, mind and evaluate Shape Protection Background Management Plot, standard, administer and procedures to enhance HSE normal among all machinate surrounded by Affair Line in term of preventing honest the makings injuries, comply with regime set of laws in diplomacy to deliver operations distinction in the establishment.

• Min. Release top in any disciplin, if at all possible from Job-correlated Shape & Protection.
• Min. 8 being previous experiences in HSE, oil and Gas or Port managemenr company.
• Traditional in ISO14001 & OHSAS 18001.
• Schooling & Certified in Domestic Examiner.
• Exceptional questioning, management and interpersonal skills.
• Exceptional verbal and on paper interaction skills in both English and Indonesian.

• Lead and mind the implementation of Shape and Protection Management Plans, Environmental Management Plans and Urgent situation Rejoinder Procedures diagonally all projects to make sure butt plans are achieved.
• Mend and converse manufacturing protection policies and procedures to Affair Line site house to make sure Machinate Managers and Teams are traditional with and be with you management of manufacturing protection.
• Arrange, set up and coordinate HSE Pre Qualifications or tender preparations for tender submission purpose.
• Participate and assess new machinate kick off assembly to determine commanding machinate HSE management plot and integrate companys logic with clients.
• Lead by develop and have a pleased deal with to all protection and environmental correlated issues in diplomacy to shape protection awareness among employees.
• Go normal scheduled inspections and audits diagonally all projects to make sure protection ardor in Affair Line site locations.
• Analyse and spot hazards and risks all owing to the schooling period of work post in diplomacy to minimise exposure to personnel and the background.
• Mind and assess Affair Line HSE policies and procedures to make sure falling in line with regime protection set of laws, including delivery of any changes and amendments, and any new legislation.
• Spot and pproposed any new HSE initiatives to Affair Line Surgical procedure Administrator or Affair Line Machinate Administrator in diplomacy to deal with and hegemony the hazard and risk on site.
• The theater a passionate noticeable stanchness in to HSE Management Logic as well as all programs.
• Help Environmental normal and keep up third have fun authoritative approval (i.e. ISO 14001) and work successfully with authoritative recollection body in diplomacy to maintain global standard authoritative approval.
• Keep up and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management Logic to make sure the effectiveness of the programs conform to authoritative standard and equipment.

We offer our personnel a challenging and innovative work background. An arresting salary wrap will be negotiated to make sure a high feature appointment.

To apply for this spot, please send your concentration collectively with a detailed resume including contemporary affect photograph, and quoting in send by e-mail theme: HSE Administrator to recruitment.jkt@petrosea.com in Microsoft Word or PDF format with a file size not more than 350kb.

Original source : Lowongan Migas di PT Petrosea Tbk, exp. Agustus 2012