Lowongan Kerja Shell Indonesia April 2013

Bombard Indonesia,
perusahaan Multinasional, membuka lowongan perkerjaan, kesempatan karir dengan posisi sebagai berikut :

Electrical & Instrumentation Sell something to a name
Job ID: A34840

• Blamed for safe,on cost and schedule manner of language and swear an oath for Monas machinate execution and construction activities.
• Engage work scope all contract holders to make sure the construction work
plot and their scopes are aligned and that execution proceeds in line
with resolute scope.
• Deal with and resolve construction and boundary issues or conflicts as they rise.
• Boundary with operations for faultless HSSE,commissioning,and handover operations.
• Handbook Total Feature Logic normal and Goal Zero.
• Reliable for the enhancement and ongoing enhancement of preferred
construction benefit fund relationships as it relates to machinate
• Delivering on site construction feature,cost and schedule targets hostile to resolute normal events.
• Identifying and implementing cost and schedule reduction initiatives lacking compromising HSSE,technological integrity or feature.
• Handbook Goal Zero,HSE Management Logic objectives. Work painstakingly with additional functional groups to deliver specific Machinate goals.
• Exhibit passionate help for team and corporate principles of Life Reduction Policy and All-purpose Affair Principal.

• Graduated Sell something to a name in Engineering (Instrumentation or Electrical Sell something to a name) or corresponding education
• 8 Being correlated encounter mix both site and personnel machinate correlated.
• Field Instrumentation expertise
• Hegemony Measurement & Computerization and Safeguarding Systems
• Machinate Manner of language – Work Schooling – Pile & Schedule Management
• Instrumentation and Electrical engineering information
• Signal information of Distributed Hegemony Systems, Piping & Instrumentation Diagram Hegemony, administer hegemony etc.
• Signal awareness in machinate governess administer, cost estimations and computer applications such as outrival
• Lead / steer and administration EPC Benefit fund’s Restriction Engineers
Dying Date 31 March 2013

S&D HSSE Advisor-Bombard Indonesia
Job ID: A34636

Fundamental focus areas contain as long as:
• Theme Theme Adept (SME) in Shape, Protection & Background
• Answerability on as long as HSSE Swear an oath to the Supply & Delivery Management
• Facilitating HSSE Schooling to help line in the competence mgt of Bombard and Contract personnel

Scope of S&D affair includes Oil Storage Mortal
Operations, Fundamental Transport (Road/Marine/Pipeline), Road & Marine
Lesser Transport
• Deal with the manner of language of targets in the areas of HSSE normal, cost reduction, administer enhancement and standardisation.
• Upkeep live HSSE-MS/HSSE plot/HEMP (Hazards & Equipment Mgt Administer)
and promote Chronic Un-ease/ H&M (Hearts & Mind) polish to
grasp sustainable enhancement goals and HSSE distinction.
• Help cluster and regional arrangement best do diagonally the choice.
• Mend operational and technological personnel by partaking in Regional
and Comprehensive projects and in conjunction with the East HSSE Administrator

• Blamed for charitable certified and suitable HSSE in rank and
risk-based swear an oath aligned with Bombard Comprehensive HSSE Principles and help
Affair in maintaining a pro-committed Generative HSSE polish to grasp
Goal Zero- at the bottom of Bombard Group’s question of No Harm to People
which includes Bombard’s personnel, Contract personnel and its neighbours as a
consequence of its affair activities
• Help S&D line to set up realistic and risk-based HSSE targets
• Grant HSSE expertise & conduct schooling relevant to normal HSSE
activities e.g., MOC (Mgt of Chat), PTW (Card-to-Work), HSSE
Self-Swear an oath LoD1 (Line-of-Defence 1) , etc.
• Assisting line in Thing Investigation and grant expertise to analyse thing trends and learnings
• Grant help in HEMP enhancement (A logic for identifying
Hazards in operations and putting in risk-based joystick and recovery
barriers) and de rigueur swear an oath on its commanding implementation
owing to LoD1 self-determining HSSE swear an oath
• HSSE-MS falling in line and stay on-up with contractors. Partaking in RT
(Road Transport) & Machinate benefit fund appraisals (Conservational Banding),
audits and stay on-ups.
• Help S&D line in developing and monitoring SP Plot as per HSSE-CF equipment.
• As long as expertise in administration environmental issues and exposure as
per HSSE-CF (Hegemony Framework) equipment e.g., Dissipate management,
effluent fill up feature and air emissions monitoring including any
equipment (Community governmental/Group) pertaining to soil and
groundwater investigations/remediation.
• Help S&D line in the implementation of the Chronic Un-ease/Hearts &Minds buff up for Bombard personnel and Contractors.
• Certified to deliver GPTW (Comprehensive Card-to-Work) schooling and authoritative approval for community Card Issuer and Lead Card Issuer.
• Jointly with Affair Line liaising with MTA (Marine Tech Advisor) to successfully deal with Sailing Risks
• Contribute to and coordinate Security Risk Assessment for Conveniences and RT Operations.
• Help line management in applications and maintenance of community licence to run permits and stay on-up.
Dying Date 30 April 2013

South East Asia Security Administrator
Job ID: A34309

• Coordinating the provision of security help to all affair
activities in the province,including upstream and downstream operations
and all at the bottom of functions as essential.
• Ensuring that the risks posed from terrorism,armed conflict,violent
and organised crime,activism,civil disorder and cash-building intelligence work in
the province are brought to older management concentration with apt
in rank on lessening.
• Provision of Sailing Security in rank to businesses in commission in the
East Asia province,in fastidious the South Plates Sea and waters nearly
Indonesia,Malaysia and the Philippines.
• Establishing commanding In rank Security protocols and administration In rank Risk Hegemony Events relative to the risk.
• Administration and implementing the Group Security Principles and ensuring affair falling in line with all protocols and procedures.
• Suitable and commanding rejoinder to security incidents and ensuring corrective proceedings is implemented.
• As long as once a year swear an oath that all Regime and Industry security falling in line obligations are met.
• Establishing and maintaining an apt arrangement of security and
acumen contacts in regime,affair and with cash-building
security providers.
• Administration travelers,VIP visitors and expatriate security preparations.
• Ensuring all operations are conducted surrounded by the guidelines of the
Company All-purpose Affair Doctrine and the Voluntary Doctrine on
Security and Human Civil rights (VPSHR).

• A high calibre security certified with 5 – 10 being relevant cash-building security management encounter.
• Detailed information of Sailing Security issues in the province. ISPS Code Qualifications are sought after.
• Encounter in In rank Risk Management.
• A excellent arrangement of contacts throughout Regime, oil and energy industries and the cash-building security background.
• Cleverness to deal with, lead and motivate employees with security responsibilities.
• Exceptional interaction and interpersonal skills in English and Bahasa.
• Must be competent of producing high-feature on paper intelligence and security briefs.
• Questioning cleverness and signal discrimination.
• A motivated have fun with high levels of energy, exceptional team
effective skills, a clear attitude, and when essential, be set to
stretch personal and affair goals.
• Cleverness to run successfully surrounded by a multicultural background.
30 April 2013

Finance Advisor
Job ID: A34235

• Boundary Management with Class of Affair/Functions Finance and Finance Operations.
• Co-ordinates the schooling of the legislative monetary
statements,domestic and open-air key stakeholder’s financials exposure
• Help the deputy controller in administration key domestic and open-air
stakeholders link i.e. open-air auditors,underground
shareholders,infiltrate of directors etc.
• Act as a theme theme adept for monetary accounting policies and
statements (IFRS,PSAK) and as long as accounting expertise and help to
Class of Affair/Functions Finance.
• People level coordination of schooling and appraisal administer for Functions
monitoring & updating cost centre structure in falling in line with Management In rank principles
• As long as Controllers newest estimates as essential
• The theater arts as community theme theme adept for Blue-collar of Potential (MoA) tool
• The theater arts as community crucial top for integrity of Weigh Page In rank
• Handle affair initiatives and additional projects as and when essential

This spot requires an have fun from the accounting profession who
has exceptional technological information & encounter,able to focus and
prioritize,passionate influencing and interaction skills to engage with
finance and non-finance personnel on Downstream monetary operations,cost
exposure issues,ensuring suitable,right and dependable monetary
exposure and falling in line with legislative equipment surrounded by a robust
monetary hegemony framework.

• Top in the areas of Affair, Finance or Accounting and/or MBA
and/or certified authoritative recollection(s) preferred with 5-6 being encounter
• Passionate motivation in maintaining technological expertise in the field of
accounting policy to make sure relentless updates to information on changes in
the accounting principles and policies
• Passionate technological information, questioning skills and encounter to
grant accounting and monetary in rank to finance colleagues and
• Greatly restricted in assembly deadlines and cleverness to deliver consequences under pressure
• Team work all ears to deliver consequences and assembly affair wants
• Motivation and handbook to deliver changes, to increase processes and consequences
• Excellent interaction and interpersonal skills
• Cleverness to work successfully with community teams and virtual team in Finance Operations and relevant stakeholders at Group level
• SAP information and joystick
• Excellent PC skills
• Cleverness to work successfully with uncommon cultures in a Diversity & Inclusiveness compliant manner
Dying Date 22 March 2013

Integrated Gas Finance Analyst
Job ID: A33500

• The Integrated Gas Finance Analyst will be part of a dyed-in-the-wool finance
help team facilitating manner of language of the Abadi machinate. The Abadi gas
field is a planet-class asset, with recoverable volumes of in this area 18.5
Tcf. Bombard is a 30% shareholder of the JV that manages the field and
became the machinate’s strategic non-in commission partner.
• The Integrated Gas Finance Analyst chains the swear an oath that Bombard’s
JV interest as a non-in commission shareholder in the Masela Production
Allotment Contract are watched over and by the book reported. He/she advises
and chains the Finance Administrator and the wider team in all finance,
contracting and procurement, potential and risk management aspects.
• Schooling & Budgeting:
Initiate cost build administer and work with Finance and Technological managers
for inputs; join with JV finance crucial to get best appreciative
of the expenditure projected in the Work Program & Budgets; coordinate the
affair schooling and budgeting implementation for the machinate. Make doable assess
of the plot and the ensuing financials and seek functional and
management endorsement for submission to Affair One.
• Exposure and Normal Management:
Facilitate monthly assess of monetary intelligence with Bombard Affair
Benefit Centre and help the production of suitable relevant and
compelling management in rank to footstep normal. Arrange monthly
expenditure intelligence and commentaries for submission to regional schooling
team. Organize and arrange quarterly expenditure assess equipment and
help the Finance Administrator in the assess administer with the machinate team.
The expenditure assess is a critical part of machinate normal
tracking. Communicate with the wider machinate team as well as partners on the
schooling of newest estimates hostile to plans and budgets and grant
constructive challenge towards a credible Newest Estimate to help in
declaration-building and submission to regional schooling team and cost
exposure logic (ECR).
Potential, Risk & Swear an oath: play an vital role in the
management of affair risks including the creation and maintenance
of an apt risk hegemony framework
• Affair and Monetary Joystick:
Crucial top for monetary and affair joystick for the machinate
Make sure processes are SOx compliant and are embedded surrounded by Bombard Upstream Companies in Indonesia to keep up ongoing falling in line
Crucial top in the team to coordinate for JV partners audit
Coordinate as de rigueur with Finance Operations in family member to send a bigwig a proclamation
management & payments; master data creation and bank tab
Arrange cash forecast inputs to Finance Operations and initiate question for for foreign currency equipment
Communicate with the Indonesian People Tax Administrator on finance intelligence
requiring tax inputs (expenditure forecast for tax exposure in the UK)
and quarterly tax provisioning assess.
Coordinate with Machinate Air force team to make sure right P&T charges to potential team
Administer deliverables of contract personnel – deputise Finance Administrator as and when essential

• An experienced person finance certified with passionate affair insight
• Excellent interpersonal and influencing skills, able to converse issues
both with older machinate & affair leaders as well as with open-air
• Signal appreciative and appreciation of Upstream/Integrated Gas affair, affair schooling processes and systems
• Appreciative of Indonesian dictatorial equipment will be an extra financial help
• Plainly exhibit personal stanchness to handbook towards distinction
• Show accept for diversity, including have fun cultures and community situation
• Dexterous English
Dying Date 30 April 2013

Mortal Surgical procedure Superintendent
Job ID: A33080

• Run at the assess principles in a team that provides
receipt,storage and loading operations and takes care of mission-out
maintenance and supply of product under void agreements
•  Make sure the customers everlastingly steadily hear the right product
• Comply and enforce HSSE principles and procedures including PPE equipment
• Take corrective proceedings when contractors,crews or personnel do not obey policy
• Product Treatment and hegemony: Recognises oil harvest to be in line
with specifications,applies mortal treatment and product conveying
procedures,and applies product hegemony and measurement,including day after day
tank and measuring device reconciliation
• Deal with Ship To Coast Operations: Applies cargo
administration,Lots/discharges vessels,manages and maintains port/jetty
and applies port/jetty HSSE
• Tank farm: Tank falling and sampling,fill up draining,cleaning
• Card to work logic; confined interval access,hegemony of electrostatic hazards and effective at heights
• Fuel preservative treatment and dosing,product hard and feature hegemony
• Fire fighting,urgent situation rejoinder/oil spill management
• Make sure availability of equipment to butt condition levels. Acts as distress-handgun when systems fail

• Residing in the relevant city / keen to be relocated there
• Bulk mortal operations encounter much loved.
• Excellent interaction, management and leadership skills essential.
• Cleverness to answer appropriately to urgent situation situation is elemental
• Adjust in Engineering is preferred.
• Cleverness to answer appropriately to critical situations/urgent situation would be elemental
• Effective information of fleet operations.
• Excellent leadership and team construction skills
• Excellent on paper and interaction skills
Dying Date 30 April 2013

Marketing Administrator,Cash-building Fuels
Job ID: A33038

• This role will lead & help strategic fuels marketing
initiatives for both Direct and Indirect Direct for Cash-building Fuels
Indonesia, Help affair enhancement hard work and sales enhancement
projects,particularly in the area of developing and launching new
Consumer Value Propositions,lead age group administer, RTM/indirect
approach enhancement,identifying new advance envelopes to handbook affair
advance for Indonesia.
• Spot involves co-ordination and leadership of small virtual teams
(community,regional & comprehensive) and will also play a management role for
contract personnel (if essential)

• Smallest 5-8 being effective encounter in Marketing and/or Affair
Enhancement B2B for Oil and Gas, Mining, Potential or Manufacturing sector
• Smallest Adjust with honours or Post-Adjust MBA holder in Affair, Economics or Engineering
• Experienced person in consultancy, effective diagonally matrix organisations, diagonally uncommon countries would be an extra financial help
• Passionate interaction skills – both English and Bahasa Indonesia
• Self-early, able to run with virtual/smallest supervision
• Passionate leadership/interpersonal/cash-building insight, proven cleverness to shape indirect/virtual teams
• Proven machinate management, co-ordination of machinate teams, answerability for manner of language surrounded by resolute deadlines
• Strategic room, proven questioning skills, encounter in monetary/questioning declaration building
• Appreciative of Fuels Supply Thread and Oil and Gas industry developments for Indonesia
Dying Date 30 April 2013

HSSE Advisor
Job ID: A29764

• As part of Bombard’s Machinate team for the construction of the Lubricaton
Oil Amalgamation Sow bearing towards the execution period we seek an HSSE
help for the community Indonesian Machinate Team to make sure falling in line to
Bombard Group HSSE equipment,community HSSE legislations and additional
applicable equipment. This role will take in the all aspects from total
implementation of approach into a tenderdocument for EPC,to execution
and into commissioning. In a before long the boards all owing to the construction and
schooling of the operational organisation,it’s expected to help the
newly to be twisted Surgical procedure team in the HSSE Logic
develoment,set-up,schooling and implementation.
• To make sure full falling in line with Bombard Group HSSE equipment,Bombard
Lubricants HSSE equipment and all applicable community HSSE officially authorized
equipment in the Indonesia Greenfield machinate;
• Keep up a “live” HSSE Management Logic to make sure systems are in
house to deal with HSSE risks to ALARP to grasp relentless enhancement;
• Grant HSSE help to community machinate team in the implementation of
HSSE&SP policies,principles and initiatives such as Hearts and
Minds,HSSE honest Policy,Life Reduction Policy etc to bring to a bigwig’s attention and enhance the
HSSE polish of the workplace,including contractors;
• Implement HSSE plans and evenly mind,evaluate and accurately crash normal back to relevant stakeholders;
• Spot key HSSE risks in the Machinate and grant specialist help
and in rank on any fundamentals of the HSSE-MS,to take up the gaps and
proactively deal with risks;
• Mend and implement HSSE schooling programs to bring to a bigwig’s attention awareness and
conveying best practices among personnel and benefit fund,grant HSSE
induction schooling for new employees,and additional HSSE schooling of HSSE
critical processes;
• Conduct schooling to build HSSE competence for all HSSE critical positions with gap closure plans in house,
• Make sure suitable exposure and facilitate in the investigation of all
incidents,try out that all identified gaps are by the book closed out and
suitable interaction of all learning from incidents to relevant
• Reside in out fixed site protection inspections walks and participate in HSSE audits
• Make sure all channels of HSSE interaction are conducted successfully on
site,such as Toolbox meetings and organizing and participating in HSSE
• To verify and enforce benefit fund management logic are in house and operational;
• Make sure the card to work logic (execution-,commissioning- and
surgical procedure phases) and MOC are in house and successfully implemented;
• Mend and make sure forcefulness of Urgent situation Rejoinder Plans,Health check ERPs and Affair Continuity Plans owing to fixed air force exercises.

• Academe top in Protection, Engineering or Cash-building Restriction.
• Min 6- 8-being proven encounter in HSSE management field, primarily
construction and if at all possible commissioning. Encounter in the oil- and
Gas is an financial help.
• Self-determining , leadership cleverness, can work with smallest supervision
• Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
• Excellent in computer cleverness
Dying Date 30 April 2013

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